Postcard guide to Sattur
Sattur seeval Rich in local flavour, this snack is available across corner stores in Sattur. It's a classic Ribbon Pakoda with a lovely garlic flavour and is best enjoyed with a hot cup of desi chai. Buy it now
Snacks Sattur town is now synonymous with the famous snacks including Kaara Sevu, Garlic Seeval, Karupatti Sevu etc. Stop by the town, pick your selection of snacks and enjoy with a hot cup of tea while you discover the delights of Southern Tamil Nadu. Buy it now M.S.Shanmuganadar Mittai Kadai248, Railway Feeder Road, Sattur, Tamil Nadu 626203
Matchsticks Sattur town is known for its cottage industry of crafting match sticks. Women and Women-led cooperatives specialise in this handicraft. Walk in to their small units and watch them deftly manufacture these home essentials. The lanes of Sattur old town