Types of Chai in India

Saying Indians love tea is an understatement because chai has become a national addiction. In India, for many people, mornings are incomplete without a cup of tea. Even today, a cup of tea is a tradition that brings together the entire family for conversations. It is a symbol of hospitality, warmth, and love that transcends geography, with different names and tastes, bridging the community, and evoking a sense of individuality.

Statistically, India is one of the largest producers of tea, second to only China, and most of its production is directed toward meeting domestic demand.

If you’re a tea lover and someone who enjoys experimenting, here’s a list of the most famous types of chai you can try from across India.

From the heartland of Chai – The Lal Cha of Assam

This tea is from the land that gave us the national beverage of India and the reason for all our brewing conversations. Lal Cha is a very popular type of tea in Assam and most of North East India. It is a simple black tea without milk but with a little amount of sugar. Also, as the name suggests, it is reddish-brown in color. You will find this tea in abundance from Assam and Sikkim.

The most basic yet the most relished – Our very own Masala Chai 

This is the most popular of teas among Indians. It is the go-to beverage be it any time of the day. There is no exaggeration in saying, that happiness for us lies at the bottom of a cup Masala Chai. Masala Chai is the ultimate combination of black tea and various spices like clove, ginger, black pepper cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Apart from being savoured as a tea, it is also consumed for treating the common cold and as an immunity booster.

Mumbaikars favorite – The Bombay Cutting Chai 

Whether you hail from the city of dreams or not, you must have heard of this famous tea. The Bombay Cutting Chai is so good that you will keep wanting more. It is referred to as Cutting Chai because it is served in small “Cutting Glasses” which are half full instead of cups. Similar to Masala Chai only but stronger. The Cutting Chai is best enjoyed at a roadside tapri with your loved ones.

Nothing is better than Butter Tea in Tibet

Also known as Po cha in Tibet, Butter Tea is made by stirring tea, salt, and yak butter together. The tea used to make Butter Tea is different and it comes from an area called Pemagul in Tibet. For many Non-Tibetans, it is more like soup than tea because of its salty taste. 

This tea is as majestic as the place – Kashmir Kahwa 

A trip to Kashmir is incomplete without this classic Kashmiri beverage – Kashmir Kahwa. It is prepared with exotic Kashmiri spices with no added milk. The rich flavors of this tea are derived from the saffron strand. If you are fond of water-based tea and you’re in Kashmir, this is your go-to. 

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